About Us 

We started selling on eBay in 2002 under the name ANR Computer Supplies, focussing on networking equipment. We were selling mostly wireless routers and wireless network cards. By 2004, we had become the 8th largest supplier of Belkin wireless routers in the UK. We were receiving large numbers of orders a day, and so we were able to build strong relationships with our suppliers, to ensure that we could get our products at low prices. This saving was, and still is, always passed directly onto our customers.
We soon expanded our product range to items such as TV monitors and DVD drives, however in 2009, we decided to focus on mobile phones, selling under the name elephone. Since then, we have received 1000s of orders, from both the UK and across Europe, and we have used our knowledge and experience to ensure that customers receive their items quickly, without any problems. We have recently opened our new Distribution Centre, which has made the whole process more automated, meaning orders are now dispatched quicker than before. Most orders placed before 2pm are now posted the same day, as a result of this new Distribution Centre. Later in 2009, we were awarded with the eBay Top-Rated Seller status, which we still have today. This is an award that is given to businesses which continually offer an excellent service.
In the past few months, we have started to expand our product range further, and we are using our past experience on selling networking equipment to provide high quality network appliances and cables, suitable for both home and office use. We are hoping to expand this range of products even further to give customers more choice about which products to buy. However we understand that to remain a successful business, we must also provide excellent customer support, to ensure that any problems customers may have are resolved quickly and in a appropriate way that satisfies the customer.
We aim to give customers a speedy delivery of their order and excellent after sales support. We try to put ourselves in their position by asking, 'Would I be happy if I was given this service after buying something?' By ensuring that customers are happy with our service, we believe that we can continue to remain a successful business into the distant future.